Water God Bot 水神機器人

Medium: Found objects, sand, water, salt, wood, sounds, and custom electronics.


Dimensions: 170 x 500 x 600 cm or adjustable to the space

尺寸:170 x 500 x 600 cm

Year: 2020

An interactive sound installation using the detectability of electricity, body, water, and salt to cascade existence. It explores the constant process of confirmation and reinforcement of spiritual sublimation, machinery, and flesh, material, and spirit.
Space comes to life when the viewers touch the water in the device that triggers sounds to compose a fluid dimension; A dimension that transcends time and space.
The usage of medical implants and medicines to repair the flesh is to view the body as a machine. The boundary between robots and humans is fascinating. Are there souls? Is the world we perceived the whole? Do lifeless objects possess powers and thoughts? Can reality be created through rituals, contacts, and imagination? The work intends to interpret and explore the oldest known belief system: Animism in the contemporary artistic approach.





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Hui-Ying Tsai: Concept, sculpture, and installation
Jonathan Grover: Sounds, programming, and custom electronics
Support from The Pier2 Art Center, Pier-2 Artist in Residence, Ministry of Culture of Taiwan, and Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government