Wa 媧

Year: 2024

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 95 cm, the extension to the wall is adjustable.

Media: ceramic, gold leaf, copper foil, hemp rope

A matrilineal creation myth crafted from human stories found in various cultures. Drawing inspiration from the Venus of Willendorf as the archetype of the creator, referencing Nuwa's creation of humans from clay, the Circe witch in the Odyssey transforming men into animals with magic wine, and the story of the Gorgon Medusa with snake hair turning those who gaze upon her into stone. In her hands, the rope used for whipping clay can spray milk, with the hammer at the end bearing the likeness of Cupid, resembling the figure of the Golden Whip Saint. The Golden Whip Saint is a Taoist ritual implement, featuring a serpent-headed handle and a whip woven from hemp, symbolizing Nuwa's traversal of boundaries and the catalyst for life.



尺寸:100 x 100 x 95 公分,延伸到牆上部分依場地調整