Title: Seeding Rain

Year: 2022

Medium: 30 mins ritual performance

A ritual performance pays gratitude for fertility to the land and water and raises awareness of the connection between urban life and the environment. The artist uses 10 kinds of grain( white rice, red lentils, red beans, green beans, black beans, millet, red glutinous rice, black glutinous rice, and brown flaxseed) to make a mandala. The local lifestyle and cross-culture primitive rituals and mythology inspire the piece's objects, gestures, and scripts. The instruments of the ceremony such as bowls and cups are made of rice, oats, sticky rice, and hemp; The pearlescent bell made of seashells and human hair contains sand and rice that rattles like a whisper.

The piece reflects on the history of the geographical, natural, and cultural changes of Fengshan Plain which has been irrigated by Tao-Gong Canal since 1837 and has been the crucial water source for paddy rice fields. Agriculture has cultivated the culture and lifestyle surrounding rice. The performance site is the water purification outlet of Tao-Gong Canal where the water first flows in the ecology pools of Da-Dong Wetlands. The landscape went through a drastic upheaval with the regime changes and the contemporary usages and path of the Tao-Gong Canal are almost unrecognizable.


Sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset…

Earthworm, ladybug, slug, snail, water beetle, centipedes, bee, cicada, crab, tree frog, fish, clam, bat, tadpole, toad, lizard, mice, sparrow, snake, dragonfly, loach, chicken, duck, rabbit   

What flies in the sky, what lives in the soil, what swims in the water

All things on earth, ha! Endless cycle

Egg, sperm, all in!

One male, one female, can’t tell the gender

Rain, blood, sweat, tears

Mother, father

Come, go, come, go

I am within you, you are within me...

Up and down, east and west, past and present


名稱: 穀雨

年代: 2022

媒材: 30分鐘儀式表演
















Videographer: 花生好事、徐意喬


Editor: 藝易藝創有限公司

*Full version of video documentation available upon request.