Siun Pue 聖茭

Title: Siun Pue

Year: 2018

Dimensions: 25x8x7 cm each, soil diameter: 70 cm

Media: ceramic, marine found object, soil

A pair of seemingly mummified pupae, one upright and one facing down, with indistinct faces. They bring the hope of oracle promises. Created a few months after the destruction of my home and studio in 2018, I returned to the original site to discover a forgotten pet cocoon lying intact in a box in the basement. I brought it to the yard and buried it in the soil. After a few seconds of contact with the soil, the cocoon unexpectedly wriggled. I brought it back home again. One day in the spring of the following year, it quietly emerged, and I was moved to tears. This artwork serves as a commemoration of that moment.



尺寸:陶各25 x 8x 7 公分,土直徑70公分