Restless Tides 潮騷

The loose narrative composition references the cross-cultural mythologies of the unknown world.

The shell itself is the universe. It is part of a living being’s body and its molecules, circulated between life and death and different living or inanimate forms beyond my time. It is used across many ancient cultures as a ritual instrument to communicate with the unknown.

The unknown is the place afar, and the place after death. Many ancient beliefs have overlapped stories about the “other side”, “underworld”, and shared the beliefs of reincarnation and rebirth. Our ancestors ventured out to the massive ocean to the unknown, observed the constellation, and used it as a guide to fulfilling our mind of wonder. Humans first began to travel fast by sailing on the surface of the water, yet today, we look into the darkness of the ocean, our knowledge of it is still less than our understanding of outer space.