Starry River 熒河

Year: 2023

Medium: Volcanic rocks, whale, fish, and unknown bones, human hair, rice, wax, ceramic, thread, paper, lighting

Location: Garðskagaviti, Iceland

Ritual performed and candle carved by Hiromu Sato

This is a piece dedicated to the loss of and changes during the pandemic. Participants write messages to be burned during the performance. The installation is a light penetrating through the chimney in the lighthouse from the first floor to the top that responds to the light beams pointing for directions in the darkness of the ocean. The juxtaposition of a ceramic heart and rice heart across the floor represents mortality and immortality.

A star might be long gone when seen on Earth. I wish I could transcend time and space for everyone if only I knew the essence of existence.

For all the longing for loved ones, alive and dead, The light of a Starry River is the fire from within our hearts; It is the only certainty we can gift to each other in impermanence.

Through the transformation of materials and energy, I am eager to connect the physical and spiritual realities and seek the fragile yet lasting evidence of flamming love in the universe beyond one lifetime.

The traces of smoke from the vanished deliver the messages to wherever the other side may be.




儀式演出&蠟燭火炬雕塑:Hiromu Sato

地點:Garðskagaviti(Gardur新燈塔), 冰島




本作品受國藝會國際交流補助計畫支持參與冰島第七屆Fresh Winds Biennale.

This piece is supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation to participate in the 7th. edition of Fresh Winds Biennale. 

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Photo by Jordi NN, Kristján Maack, Lua Rivera, Hui-Ying Tsai

Videographers: Jordi NN, Timothee Guiran, Hui-Ying Tsai

Video Edited by 藝易藝創有限公司 (Nebula Creatives LLC)

*Full version of video documentation available upon request.