Chain Locket 鎖鍊

Title: Chain Locket

Year: 1993-2022

Medium:  artist hair, seashells, old cookie tin box, old notes, paint, metal hook, color prints

Dimensions:  sculpture 5"x7"x47", and installation adjustable according to the space

This artwork is the origin of everything for me. Hair and seashells are symbols that frequently appear in my works. Besides the symbolic meanings shared across cultures, such as representations of female reproductive organs, wildness, enchantment, talismans, and more, they mysteriously held the same significance in my personal life before undergoing cultural symbol baptism. This piece is my first intuitive creation after transitioning from a nine-to-five office job to full-time artistry in 2016, and I struggled to name it. In 2022, I found seashells and hair preserved from my fifth-grade year in an old cookie tin, linking everything together. I realized that my subjectivity had been castrated long before I knew what had happened. I had been suppressing an unknown anger all along. Women's hair and animal mane represent wildness and sexuality, prompting schools to impose hair regulations. The purple shell coincidentally came into my possession at the moment when sexual awareness entered my life, so I carefully concealed it in a box. In this highly controlled society, everything related to sex is considered taboo. Especially when it comes to female sexuality, our bodies and consciousness are meant to be degraded, controlled, and ultimately conquered. We are treated like objectified beasts of burden and commodified livestock, devoid of subjectivity and desire.


年代: 1993-2022

尺寸:雕塑高120 x 長13 x 寬18 cm, 裝置依空間而定