BBC Interview: Artist Support Pledge Global Experience

全球受到COVID-19疫情影響,所有的藝術活動都無限沿期或取消了,我一直想方設法尋找替代和新的收入,經由朋友推薦發現Artist Support Pledge這個活動。今年五月,我接受BBC訪問關於參加Artist Support Pledge的經驗,訪問包含世界各地藝術家們真實的體驗,以及發起人簡短說明計畫原由。台灣發起人的臉書平台活動雖已結束,我也暫時沒有合適的作品繼續販售,但IG上全世界的活動仍持續進行中,現在參加仍然不晚,我也不排除將來再度參加!
ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE is a culture and economy in support of artists and makers established and led by artist Matthew Burrows on 16th March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
I was interviewed by BBC about the Artist Support Pledge worldwide culture back in May.
It went on the BBC language services and BBC World News. It is very encouraging to hear artists all over the world are receiving some financial support from the global activity. As far as I know, it is still going on on Instagram. The founding artist Matthew Burrows talks about this idea in the short clip. If you are interested in purchasing artworks under $200 USD, or have arts in the price range for sale, you can still do it! It is very helpful to me personally, and I stopped selling my works after I ran out of works within the price range. Through the participation of the event online, I got to discover so many talented artists and collected some pieces I adore. I may still resume my participation when I have work available again.
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